Monday, November 28, 2011

Tutorial :: Tukar Perkataan [Comment]


Cara nak tukar perkataan comment kepada perkataan anda sendiri..
contoh : dari perkataan asal comment , lily tukarkan kepda Misscall Intan wandalaara.
cara nak tukarkan.. ikut step dibawah.

1. Log in > Design > Blog Post > Edit 

2. Dah siap ,SAVE^^ simple kan.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yang yi:Audit system is restricted be restricted to firewood makes carry out or will become a mere scrap of paper

Yang yi discloses to our newspaper reporter, 2009 chinese basket assist once put forward"Wage cap"View, but end up with nothing definite finally, investigate its reason is the audit system with each club reasonable and normative neither one, if when financial standing can achieve true clarity transparent, so be restricted firewood makes just can be carried out likely go down.
Yang yi says to the reporter: "Current in light of each financial institution different, situation of every club operation is different also, some deficit some have profit.Additional, every club is in player salary bonus, income bill, and club finance affairs takes zhang case not identical.For instance, the pay of a player, likelihood a bright zhang a dark zhang, he took how many money after all, who also statistic does not come out, so, if do not have sound audit system, salary circumstance is opaque, be restricted to firewood makes or will make a mere scrap of paper.Be restricted to firewood makes or will make a mere scrap of paper.
Armament race makes each club won't be of one mind
Additional, yang yi is returned from go up objectively the psychological state that elaborated each club, he thinks at present between the club won't be of one mind is willing be enslaved to be enslaved to is restricted firewood makes, some clubs still want to do"Armament race"Ceaselessly augment big shop sign, achieve demand of a few markets thereby, and the purpose that commercializes promotion.
Yang yi says: "I dare say, they come to the person such as fourth like smith, horse, qiandele, aersitong, ai fusen china play a ball game, not big to the achievement promotion action of team, club more still consider to commercialize run, they come china working part time is to scoop up gold, the club uses them to also can pack his, for instance forehead of development of brand of commerce of sponsor of at present cba is spent achieve [URL=]cheap air jordans[/URL] 4 100 million it is several times what exceed mediumer, this is the commercial value that athlete of big shop sign brings, they drove the attention of whole league matches to spend, so, will tell from this angle, the team that certain state-Owend enterprise runs won't abandon the plan that introduces with high salary. "

Anonymous said...

Is the nation young advocate:Of the ke linke in handsome snarl player?Does  knock bed of leisurely of  of discharge of [URL=]cheap nike free runs[/URL] brandish form ?

Sport netdispatch beijing time on september 9, chinese nation black group is in contest of shikoku of island of emperor of the qin dynasty, the great disparity score with 1-5 not enemy Mexican nation black group;First half lags behind with respect to 0-4, in when resting, the nation is young advocate handsome Li Kelin overcomes infrequent be furious, you are craven, you do not have victorious desire, you are to be in for national group kickball, the score of first half is a tremendous disgrace.After the match ends, likelinke expresses:Mexico is capable to hold not much chance, we hit our level 20 minutes finally only.I am very dissatisfactory to the expression of the player, they did not go all out in work for chinese team, go the match.
Speak of this field match, the nation is young advocate handsome likelinke says:End to french match, a lot of people say very satisfactory, but i am dissatisfactory, especially dozen of our law, i am mixed to liu bin bin only wu xinghan's performance is satisfactory, what they behave is pretty good.This match, my requirement team member people play a base, hit venture a few, but we are in by defend turn study side occurrence issue, they are capable to hold not much chance, for instance before two score a goal, the wu longqiu that with pass an imperial examination we throw 3 balls, very regretful, first half we already 0-4, be in only finally 20 minutes, we just made my arrangement, this also is the meaning of the match.
To the adjusts problem and half of a game or contest be defeated of team, the nation is young advocate handsome likelinke is on the news briefing special anger says expressional heart:I understand national group bishop's experienced problem, holand team protestantism is for instance experienced, they are defeated by belgium, but they won turkey now, to me, i should be searched appropriate team member and make a way, my time is very short;The concentration that they have mexican group 150 days trains, such arrangement is very extravagant to national group coach, but i won't ask.
Before the match begins Today, the arrangement that i have myself and make a way, but the result is bad, this is why the reason of my substitution;19 minutes, we had thrown 3 balls, I am very angry, I scolded team member, this is very the problem that lose face, you do not have vicTorious desire, without the wish that spell;Go all out man-To-Manly grab, we had not grabbed a ball, this is very serious problem, i say with team member, you were not in for chinese kickball, go going all out in work, this is very lose face.
In the match of mexico and korea, the nation is young advocate handsome likelinke watched spot game, the nation is young advocate handsome likelinke says:After watching the game, i realize, the actual strength of this mexico is very strong, i did not underestimate them, we revealed a lot of problems, but we can acquire a lot of valuable experience, especially our station mix a problem that prevent.Not all of course team is so strong, next we want the game with korea team, regretful is we have 4 players to want to leave us ahead of schedule.
So big score loses a ball, to the confidence of team, the nation is young advocate handsome likelinke says:The self-Confidence that builds team member is to want to be analysed through kinescope, this is why the kinescope that we have every competition, losing the race is not a loser certainly, won to also do not get everything namely certainly.
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